Plumbing Services in Kansas City – Plumbing problems can be a nightmare. When you have a leak, a severely clogged toilet, or no hot water, you need help fast! The only thing worse than a difficult plumbing problem is an incompetent plumber. When you need plumbing services in Kansas City, make sure your problem is fixed the right way. There are many handymen willing to take on any job at your home, but a handyman is no replacement for a licensed and trained professional plumber.

Reason #1 – A Licensed Plumber Has Training – Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Most professional plumbers, including Journeymen and Master Plumbers, have undergone formal training at a trade school. Those who did not attend a trade school are required to have worked alongside experienced professional plumbers for at least two years before being allowed to take a certification exam and apply for a license.

Reason #2 – A Licensed Plumber Has Passed a Certification Test

For most cities in Kansas, plumbers are required either to hold an accredited bachelor’s degree in science (architecture, engineering, construction science, or construction management) or to pass a certification exam. Either way, you can be sure that a licensed plumber has had to put in serious work to acquire their plumbing license.

Reason #3 – A Licensed Plumber Understands Building Codes – Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Don’t underestimate the serious nature of plumbing services in Kansas City. The training and certification process for plumbers helps ensure that professional plumbers understand building codes related to their trade. An unlicensed and untrained plumber may not be aware of all the applicable building codes for a particular job. While this may not necessarily be a problem at the time of repair, it could cause problems if you decide to sell your home and discover your plumbing does not pass inspection. 

Reason #4 – A Licensed Plumber Can Be Held Accountable for Their Actions

If a licensed plumber is determined to have made severe or exceedingly careless mistakes while working at your home, it is possible for their license to be revoked or suspended. Unlicensed plumbers and handymen don’t have the same system to hold them accountable for doing their job wrong.

The Bottom Line About Plumbing Services in Kansas City

When you need plumbing services in Kansas City, hire a professional! Don’t risk working with a handyman or plumber who may or may not know what they are doing. Poor workmanship on your home’s plumbing can lead to leaks, water damage, or even sewage backup inside your house.

Plumbing Services in Kansas City

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