At Mac Wilson Plumbing, we know that you don’t think about your toilet breaking until it actually breaks. It can be very disheartening to walk into your bathroom and finding a puddle of water pooling under your toilet.

If you notice this, it’s essential that you call professional plumbing services in Kansas City to address the issue. Leaving your toilet broken is unsanitary and can lead to bacterial growth and water damage to your floor.

When your toilet is leaking, it’s critical to find the source of the leak. There can be many reasons water is seeping from your toilet’s base. However, the most common causes according to residential plumbers in Kansas City are:

  • Bowl and tank condensation
  • Toilet closet bolts are loose
  • Water supply hoses are loose
  • The wax ring needs to be replaced
There Might be Condensation in Your Toilet’s Bowl or Tank

Sometimes what’s wrong with your toilet isn’t necessarily a plumbing issue. Condensation build-up is one of the most common plumbing issues that doesn’t necessarily require a plumber to fix. To check if there is condensation build-up in your toilet bowl or tank, take a paper towel and wipe the toilet’s base, then flush it. If water does not pool up at your toilet’s base, the leaking is caused by condensation.

Any good plumbing company in Kansas City knows that condensation build-up is a fairly common issue, especially if you live I an area with high humidity.

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The Bolts in Your Toilet’s Base Are Loose

Before assuming you have sewer problems in Kansas City, double-check that your toilet is screwed into the floor. Your toilet base can become loose after use, causing it to leak every time you flush. Look underneath your toilet; there should be two bolts, sometimes covered with a cap and a wax ring around these bolts. The wax ring must be tight, or water will leak.

Before calling a Kansas City plumber, you can try and tighten the bolts and ring yourself. If your toilet is still leaking afterward, call a professional.

Your Toilet’s Water Supply Hoses are Loose

The water supply hoses come out of the wall and attach to your toilet, and they are what brings new water to your toilet and disposes of the old water. Over time, these hoses can break and leak. If your water hoses are leaking, it’s best to call a plumber to replace them.

The Wax Ring Needs to be Replaced

As mentioned earlier, your toilet’s wax ring needs to be tightly secured. If there is obvious pooling around your toilet, you may be able to smell when your wax ring needs to be replaced. If your toilet smells like sewage or rotten eggs, it’s time to call a professional Kansas City plumber.

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