Best Plumbing Company in Kansas City – Trying to shower under a trickle of water from the showerhead can be highly frustrating. Low water pressure can also make washing clothes take much longer than it should. If you have trouble with low water pressure, it could result from several different underlying problems. Fortunately, most water pressure problems can be fixed.

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Question #1 – Is Your Problem Isolated to a Single Location? – Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

If your low-pressure problem is isolated to a single shower or faucet, the problem is most likely either the faucet, shower valve, or a clogged shower head. Try removing your shower head and cleaning it or removing the faucet aerator and cleaning it.

Question #2 – Is Your Home’s Main Water Valve (Shutoff Valve) Only Partially Open?

If your entire house is experiencing water pressure issues, check your water main. If the valve isn’t completely open, this will significantly affect water pressure.

Question #3 –  Do You Have a Whole House Water Filter? – Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

A clogged, or even partially clogged, whole house water filter will significantly reduce your water pressure. Check your filters even if you replaced them recently. Occasionally, particularly dirty water can clog your filter in a very short period. If this happens regularly, you probably need a large filter or to install multiple filters.

Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

Question #4 –  Are Your Supply Pipes Clogged or Corroded? – Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

We often think of clogged drain lines, but supply lines can also clog. This is harder for a homeowner to diagnose on their own. Call the best plumbing company in Kansas City you can find if you suspect this is your problem. Most often, corroded or clogged pipes need to be replaced.

Question #5 –  Is Your Low-Pressure Problem Limited to Your Hot Water System?

If your hot water flows at a significantly lower pressure than your cold water, you probably have a problem with your water heater. Call a professional plumber for Kansas City water heater repair.

Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

Question #6 – Do You Have a Water Leak Somewhere? Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

A broken pipe inside your home or outside your home can result in a significant pressure loss. Check both inside and outside your home for a broken pipe. If you have a broken pipe underground outside your home, it can create a muddy area or an area with greener grass than the rest of your lawn. Sewer problems in Kansas City, such as a broken sewer line, will produce similar conditions.

Question #7 – Do Your Neighbors Have Low Water Pressure?

If you are still struggling to identify a low-pressure problem, ask your neighbors if they have a similar problem. Your water supplier may be having trouble, or there may be additional homes on the water line that supplies water to your home.

Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

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