Best Sewer Replacement Company in Kansas City – Taking care of your septic system is critical for your home during the cold winter months. Neglecting your home’s septic system can lead to frozen and busted pipes, which is a costly and frustrating fix.

At Mac Wilson Plumbing, one of the best sewer replacement companies in Kansas City, we want to help you ensure your home is ready for the cold winter months that are approaching. So, we’ve compiled some tips on how to best prepare your septic system for winter.

Best sewer replacement company in Kansas City

Tips from the Best Sewer Replacement Company in Kansas City on how to Prepare Your Septic System for Winter

Below are some tips from a trusted best sewer repair company in Kansas City on how to prepare your septic system for the cold weather.

Tip #1 – Get Your Septic System Inspected Before the Cold Weather Rolls In – Best Sewer Replacement Company in Kansas City

It’s essential to have a professional inspect your septic system before winter arrives. Professional plumbers suggest having your home’s system inspected in the fall, so you can have repairs done before the snow comes.

You should have your septic system inspected at least once a year. This helps ensure that there are no leaks and that everything is performing correctly.

Tip #2 – Winterize Your Pipes – Best Sewer Replacement Company in Kansas City

This isn’t as important if you are living in your home during the winter. However, if you are leaving your summer home, you need to winterize your pipes. Start by draining all the water from them so they won’t freeze and burst open. You also need to shut off the water main and open your faucets to let them drain.

At Mac Wilson, one of the top plumbing services in Kansas City, we recommend adding septic-safe antifreeze to your faucets. This adds an additional layer of protection against the cold weather. You should also double-check your furnace to ensure that it’s not dripping onto your pipes.

Best sewer replacement company in Kansas City

Tip #3 – Insulate Your Drain Field – Best Sewer Replacement Company in Kansas City

To keep your septic system in its best possible shape, you should stop mowing your lawn in September. By letting your grass grow, you are insulating your septic system’s drain field, which will keep your pipes from freezing.

Tip #4 – Pump Your Septic Tank – Best Sewer Replacement Company in Kansas City

As a top plumbing company in Kansas City, we suggest pumping your septic tank regularly throughout the winter or before you leave your summer house vacant. When the weather turns cold, the sewage in your tank will freeze and may cause your septic system to burst. To prevent this from happening, pump your septic tank out with water and let it dry before closing your home up.

Taking care of your home’s septic system in Kansas City is crucial during the winter. Improper maintenance can lead to your lead to some costly repairs down the road. Ensure that you regularly check your home’s septic system and that you drain the pipes in your summer home before closing it up.

Best sewer replacement company in Kansas City

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