Sump Pump in Kansas City

As a homeowner, there are a few things on your checklist for regular maintenance. One of those things is to stay on top of your sump pump in Kansas City. The maintenance of this particular piece of your home is essential for the health of your home. Our plumbers in Kansas City are here for all your needs when it comes to these things, but there are a few things you can do on your own! Check out these four steps you can do to check your sump pump in Kansas City 

Check for Damage 

The first step is to check the sump pump for signs of damage. Take the cover off and look in for any clogs or other build-up, specifically around the drain. Look for any blocks and make sure that the check valve is in working order, and you do not have a broken sump pump in Kansas City. 

Examine the Drainage Pipe 

The next step to testing your sump pump in Kansas City is to check that there are no blocks in the draining pipe. If there are any clogs, remove the drainpipe and clean them out with a plumber’s snake, wet-dry vacuum, or another cleaner. 

Sump Pump in Kansas City

Unplug Pump Cord and Plug It Back In 

To make sure that the electrical components are working, unplug the pump cord from the float cord and plug it into the outlet directly. When performing this step, your pump should immediately activate with a hum like sound. This means that it’s working. If it’s working as expected, be sure to return the cords to their original place. 

Fill with Water and Drain 

The last part of this test is to make sure that it actually drains water. Pour some water from a bucket into the sump pump and pay attention to what happens. If it’s working right, the switch will activate once the water level is high enough. Wait for the water to drain to make sure that the pump turns itself off as well. 


When evaluating the health of your sump pump in Kansas City, it is important to pay attention to every step involved. If you are in need of plumbing help in Kansas City, give Mac Wilson Plumbing a call today at (816) 768-0700. Our team is prepared to guide you through any plumbing questions you may have about your home.