We all know that Mother Nature is very unpredictable, especially in the Midwest. It could be sunny for weeks, followed by several days of non-stop rain. Unfortunately, a torrential rainstorm here in Kansas City can lead to a variety of problems for residential structures.  

Flooding is one of the biggest concerns for a homeowner during a heavy downpour, particularly in their basement. There are different ways to prepare your home for heavy rainfall in Kansas City, but one of the best lines of defense against a flooded basement is a sump pump in Kansas City.  

Our team at Mac Wilson Plumbing specializes in all aspects of sump pumps. If your basement in Kansas City currently does not have a sump pump, talk to our team today about how it can benefit your home. A new sump pump may prove to be one of the most valuable investments you will ever make for your home, and our highly trained professionals can ensure that it keeps you protected during those dreaded Kansas City downpours. 

If you have a sump pump that hasn’t been performing to your standards, our team offers both sump pump repair and sump pump replacement in Kansas City. 

Sump Pump in Kansas City


  • Overwhelmed – If your sump pump is always pumping water and can never keep up, it may be time to upgrade your system.
  • Burn-out – There are a few reasons a pump can burn out. One is a faulty float switch, and another is an overworked & underpowered pump leading to burn-out.
  • Clogged Intake – When a pump system has a clogged intake (where it takes in water) it prevents water from flowing and water being pumped from the system. Failure to pump enough water out of the system can lead to mold, mildew and other build up.

Sump Pump Repair in Kansas City

Unfortunately, many homeowners are unable to realize that their sump is not working correctly until it’s too late.  If you have standing water in your basement, it is likely due to a broken sump pump in Kansas City.  So your basement is flooded, what should you do next?  Call the experts at Mac Wilson Plumbing, a leader when it comes to Kansas City area residential and commercial plumbing.

Our team can quickly diagnose any issues with your sump pump and get it working correctly so that the water can be pumped out of your basement.  Whether your sump pump is clogged, or the power supply is malfunctioning, Mac Wilson Plumbing is experienced in all areas of sump pump repair and will ensure that your sump pump is working properly so that your home is prepared for the next downpour.

Sump Pump Replacement in Kansas City

If your sump pump is nearing the end of its life, Mac Wilson Plumbing’s expert technicians will give you an honest evaluation on whether it should be repaired or replaced. The last thing we want is for your sump pump in Kansas City to continue to give you problems and for you to continually need repairs. 

One of our team members will give you recommendations on different models of new sump pumps should you choose to go that route. We will then remove your old or broken sump pump in Kansas City, and install a new unit using the utmost quality and care. 

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