Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City – A damaged or broken sump pump needs to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. You never know when the next big storm will blow through your neighborhood. Fortunately, you don’t have to call the best residential plumbers in Kansas City to identify most sump pump problems. If you haven’t inspected and tested your pump recently, don’t get caught by surprise. Inspect and test yours today!

#1 – Identify and Inspect Your Pump – Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City

Not all sump pumps are the same. It is important to identify where your pump is located and confirm that it is the right size. Sump pumps are typically located at the lowest point in your basement inside a pit roughly two feet deep.

After you have located your pump, identify its horsepower. Most sump pumps range between 1/3 horsepower and one horsepower, depending on the distance and direction it is required to pump. The further and higher a pump is required to pump water, the bigger the pump needs to be.

Make sure your pump is big enough!

Call us today for exact recommendations, or read about sump pump sizing here.

Inspect all electrical and plumbing connections. If they are all in good condition, continue. If not, we suggest you call the best plumbing company in Kansas City. Electricity and water can be very dangerous if they mix. An experienced plumber can resolve these issues and ensure your safety.

Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

#2 – Clean Your Pump – Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City

If your pump is dirty, clean it with a rag and a little water. Regular cleanings can help you confirm that your pump is in good condition externally. If the sump pump pit is very dirty, try to get any garbage out of the pit before testing. Excessive dirt and other debris can damage your pump.

#3 – Test Your Pump – Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City

Fill a five-gallon bucket with clean water, and then slowly pour the water into your sump pump pit. The pump should kick on automatically after the water reaches a predetermined level. If the pump fails to turn on and pump the water out, you may have a problem with a sensor, switch, or clogged outlet.

Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City

Most sump pump issues are resolved quickly. For best results, call us for help with sump pump repair in Kansas City. A sump pump failure can lead to major damage to your home and basement. Don’t trust your home to an amateur. We can ensure your pump is in optimal condition or install a new pump for you. Either way, you can feel secure that your home is safe.

Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City

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