When torrential rains hit, many homeowners know there is the potential for flooding in their basement. This is especially true if you have a broken sump pump in Kansas City. Your sump pump is the best line of defense to protect your basement from getting overtaken by water. It is important to know if your sump pump is working properly. If it is not working at full capacity, call our team at Mac Wilson. We specialize in sump pump replacement and sump pump repair in Kansas City 

A flooded basement can lead to many other potential issues in the future, like mold, mildew, or damage to your valuable items. Many times, basements in Kansas City are flooded due to common sump pump issues.  

Sump Pump in Kansas City


  • Overwhelmed Sump Pump – The sump pump may be too small and not have the capacity to keep up. 

  • Sump Pump Burn-Out A faulty float switch can cause burn-out, as well as an underpowered or overworked sump pump in Kansas City.

  • Sump Pump’s Intake is Clogged – Where the sump pump takes in water, it must remain free of debris. If it is not clear, the pump can not pump out enough water efficiently.  

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If your sump pump requires serious attention, don’t just settle for any plumbing company to resolve your issues. You need the best sump pump repair in Kansas City, Mac Wilson. Our experts will evaluate and quickly diagnose the issues with your current sump pump. We have the expertise and knowledge to repair all types of sump pump issues. 

A simple sump pump repair can help save you thousands in the long run. A flooded basement can lead to significant damages and clean-up fees. Don’t put your home at risk. Schedule your sump pump repair in Kansas City before it’s too late.   

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In some cases, your sump pump may not be repairable, or you may not have a sump pump large enough to handle the workload. In both of these situations, you need an expert that can install the right sump pump to fit your needs.  

Mac Wilson has years of experience when it comes to sump pump installation in Kansas City. Our experts will remove your broken sump pump and quickly install a new, more efficient model to take its place. We’ll get the job done fast to ensure your sump pump replacement is finalized before the next big storm arrives.  

We are very familiar with the top brands and the latest sump pump designs, so we can provide our professional recommendations to each customer. No matter if you live in a small ranch or a multi-story home, we know which sump pumps are best for your current living situation. 

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