At Mac Wilson Plumbing, we have been providing premium plumbing services in Kansas City since 2018, so we know a little bit about sewer lines to say the least.  One of the worst things about sewer line issues is that you typically do not realize there is a problem with the line until it’s too late and the line gets backed up.

There are a few warning signs to be aware of that could potentially lead to serious problems with your sewer line.  Here’s a list of some common early sewer problems in Kansas City that could eventually lead to expensive repairs if they are not addressed in a timely fashion.

  • Toilets Backing Up
  • Lawn is Greener than Usual
  • Drains are not Properly Draining
  • Weird Smells Inside the House

sewer problems in Kansas City

Toilets Backing Up

According to many sewer repair companies in Kansas City, many people do not realize that there is a sewer problem until they see their toilet is backing up.  When there is a sewer clog or backup, it is typical for the flow of water to resurface in the toilet.  When this happens, the water is typically foul-smelling and is a murky brown color.

A clog could potentially be in the toilet unit, which is much less of an issue than the sewer line.  But if you are positive that the toilet is not the problem, you may have some severe sewer problems in Kansas City.

sewer problems in Kansas City

Lawn is Greener than Usual

Believe it or not, the best sewer companies in Kansas City say that an abnormally green lawn could indicate some significant sewer issues.  If sewage is leaking from a damaged sewer pipe, it can actually nourish and fertilize the soil, making the grass grow much more lush and green.

If you see any small, random patches of grass that are much greener than nearby grass, it could likely mean a call to a sewer repair company in Kansas City is in your near future.

Drains are not Properly Draining

Although you may think some simple drain clog-removing chemicals can drain issues, they will be no help if there is a problem with the sewer line.  For any clog, it is best to call a plumbing company in Kansas City to remove the clog without using chemicals that can further damage your plumbing.

sewer problems in Kansas City

If your sewer is giving you problems, then Mac Wilson Plumbing can help diagnose the issues and make the necessary repairs or replacements to get you back on track.  For anything from sump pumps, to water heaters, to sewer lines, we’ve got you covered.

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