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 If you’re like most people, you’ve likely gotten in the habit of mindlessly putting common household items down the drain without second-guessing how it will affect the plumbing system. While you may be thinking, “But I’ve been putting items down the drain I know I shouldn’t for years, and nothing has happened,” you may want to re-think your reasoning. The more you continually abuse your home’s plumbing, the more likely you will damage it – costing you big time. Here are seven things to never put down the drain according to our residential plumbers in Kansas City: 

Cooking Oil and Grease 

Not only is too much fat, oil, and grease damaging to our bodies, but it is also damaging to the pipes in our homes. When this trifecta is let down the drain, it will create a thick, sticky substance that will then coat the pipes until it clogs it.  

In fact, a 2014 study found that putting grease, oil, and fat down the drain causes nearly 47% of all sewer overflows in the United States each year. So, next time you cook bacon or meat, consider dumping the grease in a can or jar instead of your kitchen sink. 


Many plumbers tend to hear contradicting statements from people regarding whether eggshells are safe to put down the drain. We’re here to tell you the right answer – do NOT put eggshells down the drain. While they may seem harmless, after they are ground up in the garbage disposal, the tiny bits of eggshells will then stick any oily substance and ultimately clog your pipes.   

Plumbers in Kansas City

Paper Towels and Cotton Balls 

Just because putting toilet paper down the drain is safe does not mean paper towels and cotton balls are too. These two paper materials are absorbent, which makes them excellent candidates for clogging pipes. Instead, residential plumbers suggest throwing away paper towels and cotton balls in the trashcan.  

Coffee Grounds 

If you think coffee grounds are small enough to not damage pipes, think again. According to many plumbers in Kansas City, coffee grounds are among the most common sources of clogged kitchen pipes. 

Feminine Hygiene Products 

Unfortunately, there is still a debate as to whether or not flushing feminine hygiene products are appropriate. While it may seem like a sanitary option, there is a reason there are designated trash bins in women’s public restrooms. Feminine products do not dissolve, which means it is very likely they will get stuck in the drain. Even if they make it through the pipes just fine, they can still cause issues with the septic system and wastewater treatment facilities. 


People are often surprised to hear that medication is not safe to put down the drain, and rightfully so. It can’t cause that much harm, right? Well, that’s where we tell you you’re wrong. Sadly, a 2002 study found that when medication is put down the drain, it does end up in our water supply. In fact, during this study, 80% of tested streams had chemicals in them due to medications.  

Plumbers in Kansas City

Produce Stickers 

It is easy to forget about the little stickers on our produce when we put them down the pipe, but it can cause serious problems. Those little bits of adhesive can easily stick to the insides of pipes and damage them. 

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There are some things you should never do in life, and putting these seven items down the drain should make the list. If you’re experiencing clogging issues, give our plumbers a call at 816-768-0700. We offer a variety of residential services in addition to drainage issues.