Best residential plumbers in Kansas City – A clogged toilet rarely requires the best residential plumbers in Kansas City to unclog. However, if you don’t own a plunger, you probably won’t be able to fix the problem by yourself. Every homeowner (and renter) should own at least a few essential tools so they can fix minor plumbing issues for themselves quickly.

Tool #1 – A Plunger – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

Everyone uses the bathroom, so everyone has the potential to clog a toilet. Plungers are inexpensive and available at most home goods stores and hardware stores. The simplest plungers are generally the most reliable and easiest to use. They aren’t expensive either. The best plumbing company in Kansas City suggests purchasing a plunger that comes with its own base or plastic box to catch the toilet water, which will inevitably run off the plunger after being used.

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Tool #2 – Slip Joint Pliers (a.k.a. Water Pump Pliers or Channellocks) – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

Slip joint pliers are a great all-purpose plier but are particularly useful when disassembling a sink drain. If you drop a piece of jewelry down a sink drain or have a clog under your sink, you can fix the problem in just a few minutes with nothing more than slip joint pliers and a bucket. Slip joint pliers may also be helpful for quick sump pump repair in Kansas City as well––though you may want to call a professional if you haven’t ever worked on a sump pump before.

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Tool #3 – An Adjustable Wrench (a.k.a. Crescent Wrench) – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

An adjustable wrench is commonly used to replace a sink faucet, sink hose, or toilet supply hose. If you don’t mind getting uncomfortable doing these minor jobs, they are relatively easy for most people.

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Tool #4 – A Pipe Wrench – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

Pipe wrenches are used less now that homes are primarily plumbed with PVC or PEX tubing, but they can be helpful when changing some shower heads or hose nibs. Nonetheless, most 8-10 inch pipe wrenches are inexpensive and fit easily in your toolbox, so it doesn’t hurt to have one.

Tool #5 – A Flashlight

If you have a broken pipe or another unexpected leak in the middle of the night, you will be glad to have a flashlight. Most cell phones have built-in flashlights now but be careful carrying an expensive cell phone around a water leak––you might get it wet. Instead, spend a few dollars on a cheap flashlight you don’t mind dropping in the mud or getting wet.

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Water heater repair is rarely the job for a homeowner without plumbing experience. If yours is giving you problems, call us now, and we can help!

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