Plumbing services in Kansas City – Despite the relatively simple design of home plumbing systems, they are often more challenging to install and repair than it may appear. When you have a problem and need plumbing services in Kansas City, call us at MAC Wilson. There is no problem we can’t handle. From sump pumps to faucets to sewers, we do it all. Here is a basic list of some of the plumbing services in Kansas City that we offer.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixture Installation – Plumbing services in Kansas City

Our experienced plumbers are trained to install a wide variety of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, including toilets, showers, sinks, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and more.

Drain Cleaning – Plumbing services in Kansas City

Clogged drains can be a major inconvenience; we will quickly identify the source of the problem and unclog your drain with minimal disruption to you.

Plumbing services in Kansas City

Pipe Repair and Replacement – Plumbing services in Kansas City

Our plumbers can inspect your pipes for signs of damage and repair any issues to prevent water leaking. If needed, we can also replace the pipe completely.

Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks can create a variety of costly problems in your home if left unchecked, so it is vital to address them as soon as possible. Our plumbers are trained to detect leaks using the latest technology and repair them quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing services in Kansas City

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Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Sump pumps are essential to many homes, as they help prevent flooding and reduce the risk of water damage. We can repair your sump pump or do sump pump replacement in Kansas City for you.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

A properly functioning water heater is essential for any home, so it is important to perform regular maintenance and repairs to keep it running efficiently. We have experienced plumbers that can do Kansas City water heater repair.

Plumbing services in Kansas City

Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

There are many signs of sewer line problems, including frequent clogs, slow drains, and foul odors coming from your drains. We can repair or replace a broken or damaged sewer line using the latest technology.

Broken Pipe Repair

Broken or damaged pipes can cause a variety of problems, from poor water pressure to flooding in your home. We can locate and repair any broken pipe quickly and effectively.

Fix My Water Heater in Kansas City!

Is your water heater not working as well as it once did? We offer water heater repair in Kansas City. Call us today at (816) 768-0700.

Do You Need Plumbing Services in Kansas City?

At Mac Wilson, our team of professional, licensed technicians in Kansas City can resolve any plumbing or water pressure issue you might have. We can replace a broken faucet, do Kansas City water heater repair, replace your sewer line, or help with sump pump repair in Kansas City.


If you need the best plumbing services in Kansas City or the best sewer replacement company in Kansas City, contact us today!

Plumbing services in Kansas City

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