Leak Detection

Randomly finding a leak in your cabinet, or discovering yellowing stains on your ceiling can be a frustrating and bewildering issue, "where is that coming from?" you may ask. No matter the leak, whether in a commercial facility or residential home, our expert team can isolate the source of the water leak and fix it. Allowing a professional team that recommends quality and long-lasting fixes gives you the peace of mind that the job was done right, and your home or commercial facility has long-term solutions implemented.

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How to prevent common leaks

  • Check-up - Scan under your sinks & along the seal of your toilets, showers, and tubs. Early detection goes a long way and can save you money in the long run, trust us.

  • Know your water main - Understanding where your water main is and shutting it off while you're gone for long periods of time will ensure a plumbing disaster doesn't happen. This is especially important in cabins, vacation homes, and other facilities where no one will be using the water for an expended period of time. If there is no water running to the house, there should be no major issues.

  • Monitor your water bill - Keeping an eye on your average monthly water bill is important in order to be able to detect leaks or running water sources that are costing you money. If your average water bill is $85 and then one month it is $280, you probably have some type of leak. There are many places in the house that can cause the issue, if you cannot isolate the issue be sure to give us a call before it causes you major issues. (816) 768-0700


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