As one of the top plumbing services in Kansas City, our team at Mac Wilson knows that when the time comes to buy your first home, it is critical that you identify any and all problems with the purchase. Identifying problems before the final negotiations can help you avoid buying a money pit or help you negotiate a lower price. If you purchase a home needing plumbing services in Kansas City, it is best to know how severe the problems are.

We recommend that you call the best residential plumbers in Kansas City for help with inspections before purchase if you suspect there may be severe issues. Here are a few signs you should look out for at any home:

Abnormally Green Patches of Grass – Plumbing services in Kansas City

Thick green patches of grass that contrast markedly with the rest of the grass in the yard are most often signs of a broken sewer line or overflowing septic system. Sewer line repair or replacement is a big job, and septic system replacement is an even bigger job.

The Smell of Mold and Mildew – Plumbing services in Kansas City

When you first walk into a house, breathe in deep. Does it smell damp and musty? Do your eyes begin to itch, and your nose run? Those are often signs of mold and mildew. A leaky roof or leaking pipes can quickly produce mold and mildew behind sheetrock, under bathtubs, and in the attic.

Leaks Around Sinks – Plumbing services in Kansas City

Thrifty homeowners and renters often avoid maintenance to sink faucets and drains until leaks become severe. Nonetheless, even a tiny leak can cause major damage if not repaired quickly. Open the cabinet underneath all the sinks and check for mildew and water drips.

Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

How Old is the Hot Water Heater? – Plumbing services in Kansas City

Most water heaters last somewhere around 10-15 years. Old water heaters often fill up with sediment and drastically reduce the amount of hot water available. So, even if you can confirm the water heater makes hot water consistently, just remember that the capacity to make hot water isn’t identical to being 100% functional.

Old Pipes

Many older homes were originally plumbed using lead or galvanized pipes. You should know that all these pipes will need to be replaced in the near future if they are still in use.

Fix My Water Heater in Kansas City

Because water heaters only have a 10-15 year lifespan, they are sometimes considered a maintenance item. That means most sellers won’t replace a water heater unless it leaks or is completely damaged. If you purchase a home and need water heater repair or sump pump replacement in Kansas City, we can help.

Sump pump replacement in Kansas City

Do You Need Plumbing Services in Kansas City?

At Mac Wilson, our team of professional, licensed technicians can resolve any plumbing or water pressure issue you might have. We can replace a broken faucet, unclog a drain, replace your supply lines or help with sewer problems in Kansas City.

 If you need the best residential plumbers in Kansas City or the best sump pump repair company in Kansas City, contact us today!

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