Water Heater Repair in Kansas City – In the cold winter months in the Midwest, and at Mac Wilson Plumbing, we know a water heater is a necessity. If your water heater isn’t working like it used to, or if you want to make sure it keeps working as it should, you can do a few things to extend its lifespan. So, before you call for water heater repair in Kansas City, you can try these basic water heater maintenance steps.

Step #1 – Inspection – Water Heater Repair in Kansas City

  • Check the outside of the heater for rust, corrosion, or water leaks. A rusty, leaking water heater needs to be replaced. Call the best plumbing company in Kansas City you can find to replace it. They’ll change it fast and save you a little money on the new water heater.
  • Make sure your water outlet pipe is insulated.
  • Test the pressure relief valve. Turn your water heater off for at least half an hour, so the water isn’t too hot, then place a bucket under the pressure relief valve outlet and pull the lever on the valve. If water flows freely, your valve is fine. If your water heater is full of water, but no water comes out of the valve, replace the valve.
  • Remove and inspect the anode rod. Turn off your heater, let it cool, and drain ¼ to ½ of your water heater tank. Unscrew the anode rod from the top of your water heater. If the rod is heavily corroded, it’s time to replace it. When you reinstall the rod, use Teflon tape on the threads, so water doesn’t leak out the top.

Water heater repair in Kansas City

Step #2 – Drain the Tank and Flush Out Sediment – Water Heater Repair in Kansas City

  • Turn the water heater off and wait until it cools down.
  • Close the cold-water inlet valve.
  • Attach a hose to the outlet valve on the bottom of the tank.
  • Open the tank and drain the water into a bucket.
  • Open the cold-water valve and flush any sediment out the outlet valve.
  • Repeat this process until the water runs clean and free of sediment.

Water heater repair in Kansas City

Step #3 – Replace Worn or Missing Insulation – Water Heater Repair in Kansas City

Your water heater’s outlet pipe and the tank should be wrapped in insulation. If either is missing, pick up new insulation from your local hardware store. Installation is simple. When in doubt, secure the insulation with a little foil plumbing tape.

How Can I Fix My Water Heater in Kansas City?

If this didn’t fix your water heater problem, or if you don’t feel comfortable working on your water heater, don’t worry. Water heater repair in Kansas City isn’t for everyone. At Mac Wilson Plumbing, we have some of the best residential plumbers in Kansas City who specialize in water heater repair and can help you restore your hot water fast.

Water Heater Repair in Kansas City

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