Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City – A clogged sink drain often starts small and gradually worsens over time. If your kitchen or bathroom sink is clogged, you can try cleaning it yourself before calling the best residential plumbers in Kansas City.

Step #1 – Gather Tools – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

Cleaning out a drain doesn’t require many tools, but you will need: a bucket, adjustable wrench, and towel. You may also need a second wrench and Teflon tape.

Step #2 – Disassemble – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

You won’t need to remove all the plumbing under your sink, but you will need to remove the u-shaped section commonly called a “pea trap.” Some pea traps can be taken apart by hand, and others require at least one wrench. While holding the center of the pea trap with one hand, attempt to unscrew the retainer with your dominant hand. If the joint is too tight, use an adjustable wrench. The retainer should unscrew in a counterclockwise direction.

Be careful when you loosen the joint because water may rush out of the pipe quickly and create a mess. Place a bucket or tub directly underneath the joint to prevent the mess while disassembling. Once you have loosened the joint on either end, the pea trap should come off easily. Drop it in the bucket or hold it over the bucket to prevent it from making a mess in your kitchen or bathroom.

Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City

Step #3 – Clean Drain – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

The easiest method for cleaning the pea trap, in most cases, is to wash it out in another sink or with a garden hose outside. Rarely do pea traps need more than a simple rinse, but if yours is particularly dirty clean it out with a bottle brush or by pushing a rag through it with a coat hanger.

Step #4 – Re-Assemble – Best residential plumbers in Kansas City

Reassembly is essentially the reverse of assembly, with the exception of joints that have the threads sealed with Teflon tape. Your pea trap should be tightened enough to prevent a leak but be sure not to overtighten. Overtightening can damage the joint or pipe itself.

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Best Residential Plumbers in Kansas City

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