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As the leaves continue to fall this November, homeowners need to know how to winterize their homes before the first freeze. Among the many things that should be winterized, pipes are one of them. Freezing and ruptured pipes are among the most common problems homeowners face during the winter, resulting in costly repairs. As well-known, trustworthy plumbers in Kansas City, our team at Mac Wilson Plumbing has a few tips on how to avoid your pipes from freezing this winter. 

Keep Your Pipes Insulated 

Plumbers highly suggest that homeowners invest in pipe insulation to avoid them from bursting in the winter. Pipe insulation is relatively inexpensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of plumbers having to repair a broken pipe. This kind of insulation is commonly made of fiberglass, foam, or polyethylene, and you can purchase it at your local home store. 

Plumbers in Kansas City

Seal Any Cracks and Openings 

Do you notice cracks or openings around holes where your pipes run through the walls or floors, or around any doors and window frames? Plumbers suggest sealing any cracks you find with caulk or spray foam insulation on interior and exterior walls.  

Let Faucets Drip 

If you have ever gone out of town during the winter, you’ve likely been told to let your faucet drip. Allowing a faucet to be opened slightly helps relieve pressure on the system and prevent build up. When a pipe freezes, the pressure that is created is what ultimately causes the pipe to burst. By allowing a few faucets in your house to drip, a small amount of heat will be produced, which is much harder to freeze than standing water. 

Plumbers in Kansas City

Leave Your Heat On 

Many plumbers have found that homeowners who leave their homes during the winter tend to not turn their heat up high enough. Even though turning the heat on in a house that isn’t being used seems counterintuitive, it is crucial to avoid freezing pipes. Plumbers recommend keeping your house at least 55 degrees or higher to keep your pipes safe.  

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Winterizing your pipes may seem like a hassle, but it is necessary to avoid serious and expensive pipe damage. If you want to make sure your pipes are in good condition and will be safe from freezing this winter, contact our team at Mac Wilson. We offer both commercial and residential plumbing services in Kansas City and are dedicated to providing quality service to all of our customers. Give us a call at 816-768-0700.