Plumbing services in Kansas City – When your sump pump breaks, don’t waste time replacing it or having it repaired. The consequences of a faulty sump pump are both inconvenient and expensive.

What is a Sump Pump? – Plumbing Services in Kansas City

A sump pump is a device installed at the lowest point of your house, typically in your basement or crawl space, and is in a small hole or pit. Its number one objective is to prevent your basement from flooding. Installing a sump pump is one of the many plumbing services in Kansas City that Mac Wilson Plumbing offers.

When heavy rain begins, your sump pump activates because the soil and dirt around your home become over-saturated. The excess groundwater begins to drain towards the sump pit, and it begins to fill with water, which turns on the pump. The sump pump removes water from the pit and drains it into a nearby storm drain, preventing the water from rising in your basement and avoid the risk of flooding.

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There are different types of sump pumps to be aware of:

  • Submersible pumps
    • These are the most common type of sump pump. This pump is submerged in water in the sump pit and is surrounded by a waterproof barrier. This type of pump has the strongest motor, so it is better suited for areas that are prone to flooding. This is also the quietest type of sump pump.
  • Pedestal pumps
    • This sump pump has a motor that sits on a pedestal with a hose that leads down to the sump reservoir. It draws water up from the hose and then outside and away to the house (commonly to a storm drain.) This motor isn’t as strong as the submersible pumps, so it is not the best choice for areas prone to flooding. They also tend to be noisier. However, because this type of pump sits above ground, it is easier to service.

Should I Worry About Replacing My Sump Pump? – Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Sump pump replacement in Kansas City is essential if your current pump is malfunctioning. A new sump pump can help ensure that your basement doesn’t flood during heavy downpours. The US Department of Housing estimates the life of a sump pump to be about ten years, so if your sump pump is nearing the end of its lifespan, it would be wise to call the best residential plumbers in Kansas City like Mac Wilson Plumbing soon. Our crews can replace your sump pump before the next big storm and perform other plumbing services in Kansas City for you.

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How Do You Know When to Replace Your Sump Pump? – Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Not everyone is an expert on sump pump replacement in Kansas City. However, here are ten signs that you may have a broken sump pump in Kansas City and need plumbing services in Kansas City:

  1. It’s making a strange noise
  2. There is visible rust
  3. It is seven years or older
  4. You have frequent power outages
  5. It was installed by the builder of the house and not a residential plumber
  6. It vibrates excessively while running
  7. It runs all the time
  8. There is irregular cycling
  9. The motor gets stuck
  10. The motor fails

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How Do I Replace My Broken Sump Pump in Kansas City?

For sump pump repair in Kansas City or for a replacement, it is best to call the best residential plumbers in Kansas City like Mac Wilson Plumbing who has years of expertise in sump pump repair and replacement.

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