Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Problems with garbage disposals are a common household issue among much of the Kansas City, MO and Overland Park, KS area market. Our expert team at Mac Wilson LLC can quickly find the issue and repair it if needed. 

In order for your kitchen to keep up with your busy daily routine, an efficient and effective garbage disposal goes a long way. We install, inspect, and service all types of units. Call (816) 768-0700 for a free consultation today. 

Common Issues & Repair

Garbage disposals in your home or office building can run into many problems. With proper maintenance and usage you can prevent damage and failure

  • Overheating - If you overload your disposal or something goes wrong, many times the disposal will shut off and need to be reset. The reset button is commonly found on the bottom of the unit. NOTE: Use caution when trying to reset the disposal and never reach inside the disposal, generally if the unit shuts off multiple times something is wrong and a professional should be consulted before trying to fix it yourself.

  • Jamming - If your unit is making noise, but isn't working properly there is most likely a jam and the system is stuck. (Never put your hand into the drain and near the chamber of the grinder, it can result in serious injury.) If you can see the stoppage, like a fork or spoon, turn off the circuit breaker to the unit and ensure it doesn't have power. You can then attempt to remove the blockage, but if it requires excessive force or you are having trouble call Mac Wilson Plumbing LLC before you create bigger problem than you originally had.

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Along with Kansas City and Overland Park our entire service area includes the cites/towns/villages of Raytown MO, Independence MO, Belton MO, Raymore MO, Grandview MO, Lee's Summit, MO, Leawood KS, Prairie Village KS, Overland Par, KS, Lenexa KS, Olathe KS, and Merriam KS.