When your sewer system fails, it can be one of the most frustrating parts of being a homeowner.  There can be several different factors that lead to sewer problems in Kansas City.   These issues often cannot be fixed by the homeowner, and you must call a professional plumber for sewer repairs in Kansas City.

This article will discuss the most common issues that plumbers in Kansas City face when it comes to sewers.  They are:

  • Low Areas 

  • Tree Roots 

  • Offset Pipes 

  • Grease 

  • Cracking 

  • Collapse 

Low Areas

If there is a sag in your sewer line, it could potentially be a trouble spot where debris collects.  This area can disrupt water flow or cause a blockage.  Typically, a low area in the line is caused by a poor sewer layout, or it could have happened after a major weather event that shifted the soil.

Tree Roots

Roots continue to grow on trees and can eventually find their way to your sewer line.  Trees were likely not fully mature when your sewer was first installed, so as they grow, the roots grow as well.  Over time the roots can meet up with your sewer line and do damage.


Offset Pipes

Many plumbers in Kansas City have sewer issues due to two sections of pipes not lining up correctly.  Settlement in the earth or root growth can also cause this problem.  On rare occasions, this can be caused by poor installation.


Heavy grease build-up can lead to sewer repairs, or in extreme cases, sewer replacement in Kansas City.  Most grease is in liquid form when it goes down your drain while it’s still warm.  However, when grease settles, it becomes more solid and can cause sewers to clog.


Extensive pressure on the pipes can lead to cracking near the fittings or other areas.  If the cracks appear on the top and side of the pipe, they are typically not as severe.  If cracks are on the bottom of the pipes, then a liner may need to be added to reduce leakage.



Although uncommon, a pipe collapse is caused by any of the issues listed above.  If a collapse occurs, it could mean you will need a full sewer replacement in Kansas City.


If you have been experiencing sewer problems in Kansas City and are unsure where to turn, give Mac Wilson Plumbing a call today.   You can contact us online or by calling (816) 768-0700, and we’ll make your sewer problems a thing of the past!