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Light Commercial - Tenant Finish

We'll take it from the ground up. From excavating and installing your ground rough plumbing, all the way to testing out the final faucet. There is no phase of your project that we can't handle. Call now at (816) 768-0700 or fill out the convenient form and tell us about your project today. 

Maintenance and installation of all things plumbing in your Kansas City commercial facility is crucial to the success of your business. Big surprises like water leaks and plumbing failures can cost your company tens-of-thousands of dollars, and even risk the credibility of your business and your customers privacy.

At Mac Wilson Plumbing LLC, our service team is licensed to work on any fixture or service you can imagine in your facility. Trust nearly a decade of experience - we do NOT cut corners. You can contact us for any plumbing service directly by phone at (816) 768-0700 or fill out our convenient form below/on the "Request Service" page.