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In today’s era with COVID-19, people are starting to look for ways to keep their most commonly used surfaces clean and free from germs. One surface that is commonly touched in both our homes and in public spaces is sink handles/ knobs.  This is why many people are installing touchless faucets. If you are about to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, plumbers want you to consider the benefits of installing a touchless faucet.  

Avoid the Spread of Germs 

Like we mentioned, faucet handles harbor a ton of germs. In fact, there can be up to 229,000 germs per square inch on frequently used faucet handles! By installing a touchless faucet, you will avoid the spread germs, bacteria, grime, and food residue from cooking. This is a great way to keep your family safe and healthy, especially during flu season.   

Plumbers in Kansas City

Save Money and Conserve Water 

Washing your hands uses approximately 2 gallons of water each minute. This is a ton of water that isn’t even used the entire time. Instead of keeping the water running when you are washing your hands with soap, a touchless faucet will conserve water by shutting off when your hand isn’t under the faucet. Not only will this decrease your water use, but you will save money on your monthly water bill. 

Cleaner Sink Area 

We all know how dirty sinks can get, especially around the faucet. A touchless faucet helps keep your sink area cleaner by avoiding water droplets around the faucet. This means less cleaning for you! 

Easy Access to Water 

Touchless faucets make it easier to access water. All you have to do is wave your hand, and then it turns off automatically when you are finished. This makes getting water much easier, especially when you need to use both hands to fill something with water, like a large pot.  

Plumbers in Kansas City

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