Now that summer is in full force in Kansas City; you likely have a long list of things to do around the house that you couldn’t do during the colder temperatures. Whether it’s painting, landscaping, or organizing your home, there are numerous projects that homeowners want to tackle during the summer. You will need running water for all of these tasks and the best plumping company in Kansas City, Mac Wilson Plumbing, has some tips to ensure all your plumbing drains, pipes, and fixtures work flawlessly this summer.

Be Aware of What Goes in the Garbage Disposal

With summer typically comes lots of outdoor cooking, but much of the food prep takes place inside. Whether you are shucking sweet corn, chopping vegetables, or peeling potatoes, make sure your scraps are thrown in the trash and not down the garbage disposal. As the best sewer repair company in Kansas City, our professional plumbers know that many sewer problems start with items being put down the drain that do not break down and eventually lead to clogged pipes.

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Hose off All Excess Dirt and Mud

Many summer days are spent in the yard doing lawn care, tending to your garden, or maybe joining friends playing some sand volleyball. Unfortunately, all these activities involve lots of dirt or sand that could potentially end up in your pipes at home.

The best residential plumbers in Kansas City always recommend hosing off clothes that are heavily soiled before bringing them inside and adding them to the laundry. Sand and excess dirt/mud or some of the leading causes of mainline issues, which could lead to a call to a sewer repair company in Kansas City.

Toilet Etiquette

With the children home from school for the summer, your bathrooms and toilets will be getting used more frequently than usual. Talk to each child about the proper amount of toilet paper to use while also discussing what is acceptable and unacceptable to flush down the drain. Educating your children is a great way to avoid sewer problems in Kansas City.

Brush and Groom Your Pets Outside

If you frequently bathe your pets inside, you know that pet hair can clog drains if it is not handled correctly. If you ask any plumbing company in Kansas City about how to avoid issues with pet hair, they’ll likely give you a simple answer: “Do everything outside.”

best plumbing company in Kansas City

Make sure you brush your pet regularly to help keep them cool in the summer and remove any excess fur. You can also bathe your pet outside with animal-friendly soap and a garden hose. These are both easy ways to keep your pets comfortable while avoiding a call to a sewer repair company in Kansas City.

best plumbing company in Kansas City

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