Plumbing services in Kansas City – Are you concerned that there may be something wrong with your sewer system? Is something wrong with your home’s plumbing, but you can’t determine what it is? Plumbing problems are often difficult to diagnose for the average homeowner, but not impossible. Consider these signs of sewer problems if you think you may need plumbing services in Kansas City.

Sign #1 – Unexplained, Frequent Clogs – Plumbing services in Kansas City

If multiple drains in your home–sinks, toilets, showers, etc.––seem to clog frequently, and without much explanation, this could result from a clogged or restricted sewer line. If a single line clogs regularly, you probably only have a blockage in that one line. However, if multiple drain lines clog regularly, that is most likely related to your main sewer line.

Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Sign #2 – Abnormally Green Patches in Your Lawn – Plumbing services in Kansas City

A broken sewer line in your yard will leak water (and other things) into the surrounding soil. Although this wouldn’t be immediately noticeable after the damage to your line occurs, it will eventually lead to a portion of your lawn being exceptionally well-watered, fertilized, and green. Green lawn patches localized near a sewer line are one of the most obvious signs of sewer problems in Kansas City.

Plumbing services in Kansas City

Sign #3 – Strange, Unpleasant Smells – Plumbing services in Kansas City

A blocked sewer line unable to drain adequately into the city sewer system will allow abnormal amounts of sewage gases back into your home. A broken sewer line in your lawn will often leave foul-smelling sewage in your front or back yard. Either way, the result is unpleasant.

Sign #4 – Gurgling Toilets – Plumbing services in Kansas City

A gurgling toilet is the result of sewage gases bubbling up through your drain lines and escaping out of your toilet. Your toilet should never gurgle or function as the escape route for sewage gases. If this occurs in your home, you either have a sewer problem, blocked vent, or both. Speak to a professional plumber for help diagnosing and resolving the problem.

Plumbing services in Kansas City

Sign #5 – Sinks and Toilets Draining Slowly 

If a toilet, sink, or shower in your home drains slowly every time you use it, you have a problem and need plumbing services in Kansas City. If the problem is isolated to a single drain, you probably have a small clog in that drain line. However, if you consistently have trouble with multiple drains, the problem is probably a clogged or broken sewer line. Broken sewer lines should be repaired immediately. Call the best sewer replacement company in Kansas City right away!

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Plumbing services in Kansas City

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