Best plumbing company in Kansas City – If you are suffering from a serious sewer problem, you probably need to call the best plumbing company in Kansas City for help. Most sewer problems in Kansas City are a big (and dirty) job to repair. If you don’t know much about sewer issues, read below to learn about the five most common sewer problems.

Problem #1 – Tree Roots are Clogging Your Sewer Line – Best plumbing company in Kansas City

The smallest leak in a sewer line outside your home will release large amounts of water into the dirt surrounding the break. The moist dirt––mixed with “fertilizer” ––will help your lawn, bushes, and trees grow. As trees grow, they produce roots in the direction where water is absorbed. Over time, roots will invade the interior of your sewer pipe and create a blockage. Clearing sewer blockages from tree roots is notoriously difficult and time-consuming.

Problem #2 – Broken Sewer Line – Best plumbing company in Kansas City

If you, a neighbor, or someone else decide to drive across your lawn when it is wet, it is possible to run over a sewer line and break it. The line may collapse or crack, slowly fill with dirt, and become clogged. Is there an area of your lawn that is inexplicably green and thick? That may be a broken sewer line.

Problem #3 – Grease – Best plumbing company in Kansas City

Do you routinely pour fat or kitchen grease down your kitchen sink? If so, the fat and grease may congeal and create a blockage in your sewage line.

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Problem #4 – Pipe Corrosion

Older homes with galvanized steel pipes often have issues with corrosion inside their pipes over time. Galvanized drains in Kansas City can corrode and swell internally, or galvanized supply lines may corrode internally and release corrosion into your plumbing system, which may eventually create a blockage.

Problem #5 – My House Stinks

Household septic systems and city sewer systems contain large amounts of gas produced by the contents of the system as they decompose. A poorly installed, clogged, or damaged sewer line will trap gas inside until the pressure increases and forces a gas bubble up through your plumbing, which escapes through a sink drain or your toilet. These gas bubbles smell terrible. If your house stinks of sewage, but you don’t know why––it may be a sewer problem.

Fix My Water Heater in Kansas City

Water heater repair in Kansas City is rarely the job for a homeowner without plumbing experience. If yours is giving you problems, call us now, and we can help!

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