Plumbing Services in Kansas City – If you’re a homeowner, you probably understand that things in your house are going to break from time to time. Unchecked plumbing issues can cost you more money in the long run. And, let’s face it, there are parts in your house that are going to break constantly. Many plumbing issues can go unnoticed for long periods and cause damage to your home. If you notice any plumbing issues in your home, call for plumbing services in Kansas City immediately to get the issue diagnosed and repaired. So, what are some common plumbing issues to keep an eye out for in your home?

Issue #1 – Broken Faucets Need Plumbing Services in Kansas City

If your faucet is dripping water, it could be doing more than just driving you crazy. When water drips from your faucet, it’s causing your water bill to rise. It is estimated that one drip per second equals about 2600 gallons of water per year being added to your water bill. That’s a pretty good chunk of money!

Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Why does your faucet drip? – Plumbing Services in Kansas City

There is more than one factor that can lead to a dripping faucet. You might need to replace the O-ring, which is the small rubber ring on the stem screw. The O-ring helps hold the handle in place. If this gives out, you will start to notice your handle leaking at the base.

An old cartridge in your aerator can also cause your faucet to leak. An aerator is the mesh filter at the end of the spigot. Mineral deposits can clog the aerator over time and cause a loss in water pressure. It is recommended that you replace your aerator about every two years.

A bad valve seat or washer can also cause your faucet to drip. A valve seat is between the faucet and spout; it holds the faucet in place. If it becomes loose or breaks down, your faucet can start to leak at the spout. The breakdown of this piece is often caused by mineral deposits that corrode the valve seat. Installing a washer that is the wrong size can also cause problems. If the valve seat does not fit perfectly, it can cause friction that loosens the washer, letting water through.

Issue #2 – Leaky and Clogged Pipes Need Plumbing Services in Kansas City

A majority of plumbing problems come from pipes, especially in older homes. Most pipes are now made out of PEX, while older pipes are made of copper. Copper pipes are stronger than PEX but perform poorly in extreme temperatures. Pipes can expand or contract over time, this causes copper pipes to break but PEX tends to be the longer-lasting of the two.

Copper pipes are also likely to corrode and require more maintenance. One way to protect your pipes is to prepare them for winter, no matter what they are made of. For help with this process, call the best residential plumbers in Kansas City.

Your pipes can also easily clog. If your toilet drain gets clogged, you often only need a pipe snake to take care of the issue. However, clogged sinks and drains are a bit trickier. Drain cleaners should not be used! These products can be toxic and cause more problems. And, a lot of times, they don’t actually remove what is blocking your drain. Your sink should have a drain catch for easy cleaning. If you cannot reach it, call the best plumbing company in Kansas City.

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Issue #3 – Broken Toilets Need Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Toilets are one of the most commonly used pieces of plumbing. Leaky toilets often go unnoticed and can cost you lots of money in the long run. Many companies that specialize in plumbing services in Kansas City say one of the most common problems with a toilet is an internal leak in the tank. A toilet that constantly runs can end up using hundreds of gallons of water a day.

What causes your toilet to break? – Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Often, it’s the rubber flap in your toilet. These flaps can lose their shape and be unable to properly seal the tank. The chain attached to the flap can get twisted, which can cause issues. This would prevent the flap from sitting properly on the bottom of your toilet’s tank. Luckily, these are both cheap and easy fixes, costing less than $20.

Issue #4 – A Broken Sump Pump in Kansas City Need Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Sump pumps are most likely to break down during periods of heavy rain or heavy snow. They need constant routine maintenance to avoid future failure. Power outages can cause your sump pump to fail. And, if your sump pump was not properly installed, it will fail a lot quicker. If your sump pump breaks, call a sump pump repair company in Kansas City to take care of the issue.

A broken sump pump can lead to issues like basement flooding and bacterial growth. If a broken sump pump goes unchecked for too long, it can also cause structural damage to your home. Schedule plumbing services in Kansas City right away.

Issue #5 – Sewer Problems Need Plumbing Services in Kansas City

It is easy to tell if your home’s sewer system is backed up. Your house will be filled with a smell that reminds you of a sewer. A clogged sewer line can lead to the rest of your drains being clogged. You can tell your sewer line is clogged when every time you flush your toilet, the sink clogs and starts to fill with water.

If you notice your home has sewer problems in Kansas City, call your local plumber to avoid serious long-term issues.

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