Best Plumbing Company in Kansas City — If your toilet, sink, or shower develops a clog, you may not want to call the best plumbing company in Kansas City for help. Minor clogs can often be resolved quickly and easily without calling a professional. Try these three things.

Use a Plunger – Best plumbing company in Kansas City

Your home should have at least two plungers––one for toilets and another for sinks. (Please don’t use a toilet plunger in your kitchen sink!) Plungers are easy to find in most hardware stores and are not very expensive.

If you haven’t ever used a plunger before, it isn’t difficult. Place the plunger over the clogged drain line and ensure the edges of the plunger make contact all the way around the drain. Next, push down on the plunger to force water down the drain. Finally, pull the plunger away from the drain so that any water still in your sink, shower, or toilet can drain. If this doesn’t work on your first attempt, try again but pump the plunger multiple times before removing it from the drain.

Disassemble the Drain – Best plumbing company in Kansas City

Occasionally sinks will accumulate hair, grease, food particles, and other debris in the p-trap under the sink. P-traps can often be disassembled by hand, but you can also use a pair of slip joint pliers. Once disassembled, check the p-trap for clogs. If a clog is present, knock it loose with your fingers or an old wire hanger, and wash it with a hose outside.

Use a Plumbing Snake – Best plumbing company in Kansas City

Stubborn clogs in your toilet or drain line that won’t break loose with a plunger can often be resolved with a simple plumber’s snake. Insert one end of the snake into the drain and push it through the drain line until it reaches the blockage. If the clog isn’t too severe, it might break free with just a push from the snake. You can try spinning the snake to break the clog for more severe clogs.

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Other Options

There are many other solutions for clogs that exist, but they are less consistent or have the potential to damage your plumbing system. Do your research before pouring any harsh chemicals down your drain––especially if you have a septic system.

Clogged shower drains can often be helped by pouring hot water down the drain, but you should be very careful when doing this. Not only is it possible to burn yourself, but you risk damaging poorly sealed pipe connections and creating a leak.

Best Plumbing company in Kansas City

Call the Best Sewer Repair Company in Kansas City

If you have tried your best and you still have a clogged drain, call professionals. An experienced professional plumber should be able to unclog your drain quickly. Don’t waste too much time trying it on your own.

Kansas City Water Heater Repair

Clogged drains and water heater problems are among the most common plumbing issues. Kansas City water heater repair and replacement are best handled by a professional.

Best Plumbing Company in Kansas City

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